Claimony FAQ

Are you new to Claimony? Read this to find answers to common questions. If we have missed something, please send an email to


Q: What is Claimony?

A: Claimony is a community where online gamers get rewarded for their achievements. The better you play – the better the rewards.

Q: Contact

A: For general enquiries use
For support use
For partnerships use

Q: How do I terminate my Claimony account (which by the way we hope you won’t)?

A: If you would like to terminate your account, please contact Claimony and we will help you out.


Q: How do I connect my games?

A: Given time Claimony aims to connect to all your games, no matter which platform (console, smartphone, PC or other). Claimony will automatically connect to games on your smartphone if the game developer is a partner of Claimony. As for consoles and PC games, there are very simple steps which you as a user perform to connect your game platform account (i.e. Steam) to your Claimony account.

Q: Not all games I own on Steam are shown. Why? It's mean.

A: We currently only show Steam games with achievements. We are working on displaying all games in the near future. Hang in there. It might also be the case that you have a newly released game on Steam. We are not adding games automatically since we need to calibrate the achievements in a game before we add it. It will be shown shortly, hang in there.

Q: My achievements are not updated!

A: When you first create your Claimony account and connect to Steam we perform an initial sync of your games. This takes some time. Therefore your games might not be displayed correctly under your profile. If they are still not displayed correctly after a few hours you can manually sync your achievements from Steam by clicking "Update" in the top right corner. Contact support if your achievements are not synced after 48 hours.

Q: How come I don't get any credits for my previously gained achievements?

A: There are a few reasons for this. One is that we cannot control cheating for old achievements. Another reason is fairness: everyone starts from scratch. A clean slate is a good slate, that's what mummy always said.

Q: When connecting to my gaming platform, I received an error message stating “You have a private account”. What to do?

A: Claimony needs your data in order to provide you the rewards. From a private profile, Claimony cannot retrieve the data. In order to fix this, follow this step by step guide.
  1. Login to your Steam client
  2. Click on the 'Community' tab
  3. Click on 'Edit my Profile'
  4. Click on the 'Settings' tab
  5. Under Profile Status, select 'Public'
  6. Save
  7. TADA!

Q: Some of my achievements are missing or some data is wrong. What to do?

A: Although we strive to provide a correct representation of all your achievements, we are no better than the systems providing them. We will of course try to fix it for you though! Drop us a line on and we will see what we can do about it.

Q: Is it possible to connect multiple steam accounts to one Claimony account?

A: No. Why? Because we are horrible persons. And because then one can gain credits for the same achievements twice and other fishy stuff.


Q: How does it work?

A: Think of rewards on Claimony as a reversed auction. All items gets cheaper as time goes by. The only question is: “How long do YOU dare to wait?”. But don’t wait too long, your favorite items might just be out...

Q: I haven't got my reward yet. Where is it? Me wants it!

A: Different rewards have different delivery times. It depends on if it's a digital or physical product, if we send it ourselves or via partners and how lazy we are in administrating the validation (sorry). Each claimed reward goes through a manual cheat verification. If there are any special conditions regarding delivery time we will let you know on the product page. Otherwise allow up to 10 days to receive your reward. If you still haven't got it, drop us a line at .

Q: How does the prices really work?

A: According to the poll, 30% of you don't get the prices. The main principle behind the prices is that they are set at a high level and then fall towards a price where you guys can claim them. The initial price and the steepness of the fall is based on many factors such as popularity, list price and our fingerspitzengefühl. Easy right?

Q: What is your return and complaint policy?

A: If you would like to return a claimed item or file a complaint, please contact the merchant directly. Claimony cannot provide any warranty for products from our partners.

Q: When do I receive my reward?

A: Since you use the provided voucher code to redeem your reward at the merchant’s site or store, Claimony has no control over this. This said, we will of course try to help you out if your reward does not arrive. Contact if this is the case.

Q: How do I claim a reward?

A: Claiming a reward is simple (if you have enough credits):
  1. Click on the reward that you want to claim
  2. Click “Claim”
  3. Read the terms and conditions (if any)
  4. Fill in (or edit) your contact information
  5. Confirm
After your claim has been authorized, you will receive a confirmation email containing a voucher code. Just use this at the merchant’s site or store according to the given instructions. Isn’t that just fab?!

User Market

Q: What do I need to do in order to claim a user market reward?

In order to claim a user market reward we will need your Steam tradelink. Go to Claimony and go to settings by clicking the arrow in the right upper corner. Then simply paste the tradelink under the tab “User Donations”. You can find your Steam tradelink as follow: Go to your profile → inventory → trade offers → who can send me trade offers → tradelink is down there.

Q: What is the user market?

On the user market you can sell Steam games or items from your Steam inventory to other users. All items added by users are available for a limited time at a random moment.

Q: Why can I not claim a user market reward?

A user market reward requires you to add your Steam tradelink to your Claimony profile. You can find your Steam tradelink as follow: Go to your profile → inventory → trade offers → who can send me trade offers → link is down there

Q: How do I add an item to the market?

Send the item to the Claimony Steam Bot (LINK: and it will automatically be added to the reward page as soon as we have received it. This might take 15 days if you do not have Steam Guard activated. The price will be set automatically as well.

Q: What are the possible prices for my item?

An item will be priced at 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 or 50,000 credits.

Q: Can I adjust the price?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at this moment. We do want to make this a possibility in the future.

Q: What happens to the credits when someone buys a user reward?

All of the credits will be transferred to the seller as soon as someone claimed the product on the reward page

Q: How will I receive a claimed user reward?

We will send a trade request from the Claimony Steam Bot (LINK: and transfer the reward this way. This might take 15 days if you do not have Steam Guard activated.

Q: Why is it taking so long to receive my reward?

Steam requires 15 days to process a trade if you do not have Steam Guard activated to protect your inventory from being stolen. Adding Steam Guard will reduce this significantly. Read more on activating Steam Guard here (

Q: I Have Steam Guard, but it still does not work

It might be that due to recent changes in your Steam account you are not able to trade. Read more over here (


Q: We are interested in working with Claimony, either as merchant or developer, what should we do?

A: Go ahead and contact us!

Q: What brands are Claimony partnering with?

A: The simple answer is that this changes from day-to-day. We work hard to constantly provide the players with the best possible rewards from a variety of brands.